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1NSP1RE is a revolutionary leadership program that trains leaders at all levels how to coach and develop anyone, anywhere. Great leading is not about a model, it’s a mindset! Our approach is simple, adaptable, and will prepare leaders with the skills to develop anyone in any situation.


Your experience includes:

  • An engaging full day program rich with innovative content and result-oriented challenges
  • A collaborative and experiential learning environment that fosters a new outlook on presentation design and delivery
  • Interactive opportunities for individuals to practice their delivery skills


Your experience includes:

  • A one-day program rich with innovative content and hands-on facilitation practice
  • Interactive mini-lab opportunities that will provide on-the-spot coaching
  • Guaranteed skills and strategies that each facilitator will be able to use immediately in their own learning environment


This workshop will teach you the real power inside the context of delivering situational and fearless feedback, and will provide answers that are simple to both grasp and apply. Learn how to master your next performance review and approach feedback in a way that won’t make you wait until next year to give it. This half-day experience is for leaders to learn how to harness the latest in brain science, intuition, boldness, and specific real-time examples that will be easy-to-apply immediately and successfully – for the ultimate elevation of your team and the ideas or issues that need to be surfaced.


THRIVE is a half-day experience created to unveil the code to unleash high wellbeing. Participants will experience a personal assessment, global research, and motivational techniques to tap into their greatest potential and ultimately move their wellbeing needle forward.


Fuzzy targets don’t get hit. Top-level athletes, successful business-people and achievers in all fields all set goals. But it’s not only the practice of setting goals that makes you successful, it’s developing the strategies to achieve those goals that makes the ultimate difference.

Ready…Set…Goal is a 3-hour session rich with content, activities, challenges, and collaborative learning moments around Goal Setting Strategies for Peak Performance.

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