Wellbeing: Your personal formula for motivation, success, and ultimate happiness

What’s the formula for motivation, engagement and high performance in today’s demanding and ever-changing workplace? Many employees don’t know the answer; much less know how to find it. Studies show that the key to engagement and success in the workplace can be found through a focus on wellbeing. Years of research across 150 countries has shown that those who have a high sense of wellbeing and score positively in their five life domains are more engaged and satisfied in their careers, stay healthier physically, are higher performing, and are more successful overall. More importantly, those who have high career wellbeing are more than twice as likely to fully thrive – and help their business do the same (Gallup, 2014).

THRIVE is a half-day experience created to unveil the code to unleash high wellbeing. Participants will experience a personal assessment, global research, and motivational techniques to tap into their greatest potential and ultimately move their wellbeing needle forward.

Participants will:

  • Receive a wellbeing assessment based on Gallup’s global research in order to measure where they stand in five major areas: career, social, physical, financial, and community.
  • Identify the variables that are currently holding them back and gain clarity on what is needed to improve.
  • Create a strategic professional development plan that will serve as a blueprint and accountability tool for thriving in each wellbeing domain.

Your experience includes:

  • A 3-hour session rich with content, activities, challenges, and collaborative learning moments.
  • Facilitators who customize the experience to draw out relevant parallels to your world and organization.
  • Opportunities to reflect, connect and apply the learning to your world.


Jessica Brandt

Having the opportunity to focus on what I need to be happy and fulfilled in both my career and personal life was the biggest gift. THANK YOU!

Jessica Brandt

Manager, L&D, Meltwater

Amy Centers

I have been fortunate to have attended two of The IdeaHouse’s experiences and found them to be amongst the most valuable learning opportunities I have experienced. Their content is so incredibly clever and creative!

Amy Centers

Manager, Talent & Organizational Development, Dexcom

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