February 23, 2017 tamaraandmelissa


1NSP1RE was created around 11 leadership skills, each one deepening a leaders ability to empower, uncover what’s not working, strategize a better way, or focus a person to move faster.

Instead of teaching a rehearsed set of steps within a model, leaders will have a series of tools to pull from and use situationally. This enables the leader to coach to both the individual needs of the person and the specific goal or situation. As a result, your leaders develop into true coaches, with the skills to tailor each conversation to the very best individual solution.

Here are the THE 1NSP1RE ELEVEN:

The skill of self-awareness and journey of self-leadership. How well do you know yourself? How well do you leverage what what makes you successful to face your challenges or reach your goals? Expand and deepen your self leadership by assessing your values and exploring purpose and motivation.

The skill of relationship building. Many are put into leadership positions because they’ve mastered their job or task. However, the world’s greatest leaders have the ability to connect, ignite, and inspire those they lead. Explore the likability rule of 85/15, and learn how to foster relationships that foster trust, loyalty, and action.

The skill of deep listening. Learn how adopting a beginners mindset can open up a new world of answers. Discover the practice of curiosity and learn how to uncover and rewrite assumptions to that lead to new ideas and solutions.

The skill of feedback. Good feedback is a gift, one that should be mastered by the giver so it is welcomed by the receiver. Learn a transformative and easy tool for delivering feedback that will shift the culture and promote continual growth.

The skill of goal setting. Success requires two things: focus and discipline. Fuzzy targets don’t get hit. Learn how to undo the goal-setting practices that don’t work and gain knowledge from the latest neuroscience to set goals that become results. Practice new forms of progress and learn how to measure what matters to move the needle toward what’s possible.

The skill of problem solving. Perspectives can have a significant influence on whether you are able to change and grow in life or remain stuck in old views and habits. Practice how to rethink and reframe any situation or problem by shifting the lens and redefining the opportunity.

The skill of asking powerful questions. The lasting effect of a leader is measured by the power of their questions. Learn and practice both the mindset and method of asking questions that produce breakthrough conversations and continual progress.

The skill of wellbeing. It’s no secret that people with high well-being are more engaged and satisfied in their careers, stay healthier physically, are higher performing, and thrive overall (Gallup, 2014). Learn and practice how to use our whole-life wellbeing tool to reach new potential and leverage every area of your life to create happiness and fulfillment.

The skill of creativity. Studies show that 75% of people are not living up to their creative potential. Tap into your “third brain” to generate new awareness and become an engine of innovation. Discover collaborative tools and exercises to use to increase new ideas and solutions.

The skill of motivational communication. All the great leaders throughout history have one trait they all share: their ability to influence, motivate and inspire others through the art of communication. Learn techniques to find your personal voice and a brilliant formula to master any message.

The skill of agility. Today’s leaders are faced with more volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity than ever before. For companies to succeed, leaders must be able to handle any curve ball thrown their way. Leaders will learn and practice their ability to sense and respond to change with focus and strategic action.

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