Creating a fearless culture of feedback

The dreaded F-word: “feedback”, no one likes it or looks forward to it. Many leaders would rather sweep issues under the rug or let the elephant in the room smother their work than engage in hard, often confrontational conversations. Yet, what if there were better ways to solve performance issues, resolve conflict, and tap into higher workflow on your team? What if delivering (and receiving) feedback could be easier – and could even be coveted as an opportunity?

This workshop will teach you the real power inside the context of delivering situational and fearless feedback, and will provide answers that are simple to both grasp and apply. Learn how to master your next performance review and approach feedback in a way that won’t make you wait until next year to give it. This half-day experience is for leaders to learn how to harness the latest in brain science, intuition, boldness, and specific real-time examples that will be easy-to-apply immediately and successfully – for the ultimate elevation of your team and the ideas or issues that need to be surfaced.


  • Master your next performance review through a simple breakthrough model to deliver feedback in a way that is relevant, straight forward and useful for both the person delivering and receiving.
  • Dial up your feedback delivery skills in order to master critical communication moments, take responsibility for results and step into a solution mindset during constructive conversations.
  • Engage in learning the skills to become a great receiver of feedback so that you can inspire trust, openness, and growth from feedback others offer.
  • Develop a repertoire of tools to use in multiple feedback settings: difficult conversations, conflict resolution, positive acknowledgement, building ongoing accountability, annual performance reviews, one-to-one meetings, team gatherings, and more.

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